Dedicated to Solving Desert Agriculture's Pressing Problems

The Yuma Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture (YCEDA) brings scientific research and industry together to address the "on-the-ground" industry needs. Our work focuses priority issues identified by our industry stakeholders, including plant disease, food safety, technology and automation, soil health, and irrigation management.

The Learn section of our website is intended to be a resource content library providing current knowledge, relevant research, and usable results in a convenient, easily accessible, central location to assist growers in crop yield maximization and increasing production efficiencies. 

Currently, the plant disease library contains informational videos and webpages of content dedicated to lettuce diseases. The Irrigation and Management section aims to provide resources from research focused on developing efficient and sustainable water and salt management technologies. LincSys, a downloadable computer program for simulating the hydraulics of linear-move and center-pivot irrigation systems, is the initial irrigation management tool available. Watch for more resources to be added in the future!