Dedicated to Solving Desert Agriculture's Pressing Problems

The Yuma Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture (YCEDA) brings scientific research and industry together to address the "on-the-ground" industry needs. Our work focuses on priority issues identified by our industry stakeholders, including food safety, plant disease, plant pests, precision agriculture, soil health, and water management.

This Learn Tab provides current knowledge and research results in an easily accessible, central location. The informational videos and webpages dedicated to Arizona Iceberg lettuce diseases, located under Plant Disease, were made possible by funding from the Arizona Iceberg Lettuce Research Council (AILRC). The content was selected to provide a concise overview of each disease to assist growers with disease control and management and provide the most immediately applicable information needed for successful lettuce production in Arizona rather than an exhaustive listing of the entire body of knowledge. 

Watch for more information to be added in the future!