Desert Durum Wheat

The Yuma Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture (YCEDA) worked with Durum producers and University of Arizona researchers on two projects funded by Barilla: Tools for Nitrogen Management of Wheat by Dr. Mike Ottman and Dr. Pedro Andrade-Sanchez, and Improving Water Footprint Calculations Using Local Agronomic and Environmental Data by Dr. George Frisvold.

With a goal of providing a predictive Decision Tool to growers based on “Smart Data” Analytics, YCEDA underwrote a Roadmapping project by the director of the USDA National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment and Earth Knowledge, an accomplished data analytics company. This roadmap has focused on existing research, data, technology, and predictive tools in the specialty crop industry. It has evolved into a collaboration with YCEDA growers providing pairs of fields and historical and real-time data so that disease triggers can be analyzed and predicted. Cutting edge sensors and oth

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