Fusarium wilt of lettuce continues to be a growing threat to the competitiveness of the Arizona iceberg lettuce industry, and unlike most plant diseases, there is no known treatment to control this soil-borne disease completely.  The Yuma Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture (YCEDA) is leading multiple projects conducting research to find solutions to this plaguing problem.  The objectives of this project were developed based upon findings from our 2016 study, “Advancing Fusarium wilt management in lettuce",  which revealed the need for more precise and reproducible methods for inocu

October 2016 FW Conference in California

A 2016 Fusarium conference for researchers and industry was held in the Salinas area to advance the priority suggestions from the 2015 symposium. Breakout sessions focused on future research projects and field evaluation of resistant varieties and crop protection products. Attendees were able to tour the area's lettuce industry and research institutions.

2016 FW Field Trials


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