8:30am to 5:00pm
200 S. Madison Avenue, Yuma

The Desert Agriculture Research Symposium, funded by the NIFA Specialty Crop Research Initiative program, is an opportunity to learn about the research needs of the desert agriculture industry, current research, and to develop partnerships. Scientists will learn how to best engage with industry from experienced researchers and have opportunities to engage with potential industry partners. Funding for travel may be available. More details will be forthcoming. Save the date! An outline of the agenda is below.

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Pre-Symposium Yuma Agriculture Tour-November 15 (afternoon):

This afternoon tour will introduce participants to various aspects of agricultural production and processing including planting, harvesting, food safety, water use, and product processing. Participants will meet with industry members and observe and discuss agriculture in Yuma.

Opening session:

  • Welcome from Paul Brierley, Yuma Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture
  • The relationship between academia and the Ag industry: Shane Burgess, Vic Smith (JV Smith Companies) and Robby Barkley (Barkley Ag Enterprises)

Industry Panel:

  • A panel of industry members will discuss their pressing problems, how they make decisions about integrating new methods into production, what they have experimented with in the past, and how they work with researchers.

Session on Industry Collaboration:

  • Lessons from experienced researchers on working with industry and engaging with the industry community

  • What resources does the university have to help build partnerships?

  • What federal and state resources are available to fund research and how to develop a successful project in collaboration with the Ag industry?

Technical Session:

  • Current Desert Research-The purpose of this session is to present work that is being done in the Desert Southwest by researchers.

Flash Session:

  •  Five-minute, 1-slide talks from researchers interested in introducing their research to the Ag industry.

Social Hour:

  • Discuss your research with industry members.

Poster Session:

  • Do you have a poster with research you would like to share? We will have poster sessions during breaks.




Stephanie Slinski