In this engaging session, scientists and researchers convene to explore applied research methods aimed at tackling the soil health requirements specific to desert agriculture. The discussion is skillfully moderated by Dr. Ethan Orr, offering a comprehensive exploration of practical solutions tailored to the unique challenges of desert farming. Tune in to gain valuable insights from this expert-led conversation.

0:00 - Economic Incentives and Programs to Improve Soil Health and Irrigation - Dr. Ethan Orr

0:15:30 - Effective Measurements of Soil Health - Dr. Jenny Bower

0:33:02 - Enhancing Soil Health Through Advanced Management Strategies - Dr. Diaa Eldin Elshikha

0:48:13 - Healthy Desert Soil Initiative: Updates from a Soil Health Research and Extension Program - Dr. Debankur Sanyal

01:05:04 - Application of Soil Sensing Technologies to Soil Health Research - Dr. Pedro Andrade-Sanchez

01:20:37 - Opportunities to Cooperate with Cooperative Extension on Soil Health Projects - Robert Masson


Tuesday, January 9, 2024