In the first session of the symposium, University of Arizona researchers take the stage to discuss the importance of use-inspired research in tackling soil health challenges. Join us as they delve into innovative approaches and practical solutions for enhancing soil health.

0:00 - Session 1 Intro - Dr. Joey Blankinship

0:01:34 - Uarizona's Roots in Soil Health Research - Dr. John Chorover

0:20:39 - UArizona Presidential Advisory Commission Report - Kim Patten

0:38:39 - ARID: Finding Solutions for Challenges Facing Arid Land Agriculture - Dr. Duke Pauli

0:56:33 - Higher Yields from Degraded Land - Advances in Quantifying and Understanding Root-Root Interactions - Dr. Alexander Bucksch

1:15:01 - Searching for Next Generation Highly Specific Agricultural Antimicrobials - Dr. David Baltrus

01:34:11 - Microbial Activity as an Indicator of Biological Soil Health: Taking Action to Advance Method Development - Dr. Luisa Ikner


Tuesday, January 9, 2024