The University of Arizona’s Yuma Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture (YCEDA) and Cooperative Extension hosted a workshop for Yuma growers to assess the soil health needs of the desert Ag industry. This workshop is part of YCEDA’s Desert Ag Soil Health Initiative (DASHI). Presentations focused on soil health, but most importantly, the workshop included discussions among participants with the objective to: Understand growers’ priority questions about soil health. Identify what growers view as “success” when managing on-farm soil health. Identify threats to soil health and barriers preventing soil health improvement. Identify knowledge gaps in soil health assessment and management that most urgently need to be addressed by researchers. Identify services to support growers in assessing and enhancing soil health.


00:00 - Introduction

05:28 - Dr. Jeffrey Silvertooth - Soil Health - Background and Fundamentals

23:07 - Question and Answer with Dr. Jeffrey Silvertooth

41:51 - Dr. Joseph Blankinship - Assessing Desert Ag Soil Health

01:05:12 - Dr. Debankur Sanyal - Diagnosing Soil Health in the Desert

01:17:43 - Dr Joseph Blankinship - Overall Intention of the Desert Ag Soil Health Initiative (DASHI)

01:25:39 - Robert Masson - DASHI

Wednesday, November 29, 2023