Accurate water use and soil salinity measurements are critical for managing irrigation requirements and maintaining soil health in today’s cropping systems. To address water challenges in desert agriculture, YCEDA is coordinating a large multi-institution irrigation and soil salinity management study. Collaborating scientists from the University of Arizona, University of Maryland, and USDA presented a breakout session at the 2019 Southwest Ag Summit. In this session you will hear: “Salt Risks Ultimately Become the Limit to Improved Irrigation Efficiency in Arid Land Vegetable Cropping Systems” by Dr. Charles Sanchez; “Estimating Water Use by Important Crops in the Lower Colorado River Region” by Dr. Andrew French; “Emerging Opportunities for Space-based Sensor Technologies for Agriculture Water Management” by Dr. Pierre Guillevic; “Challenges and Opportunities for Re-Use Water in the Arid Southwestern United States” by Dr. Clinton Williams.