Lettuce Fusarium Wilt Trials and Analysis

Jun 2017 to May 2019

Prior to submitting our proposal, Lettuce Fusarium Wilt Trials and Analysis, to the AZ Department of Agriculture's Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, we convened a meeting with members of the production ag industry to receive guidance and ensure the research would address industry needs.  We were awarded $69,000 to continue our efforts to mitigate Fusarium Wilt of lettuce. 

Two years of expanded field trials will be conducted in Yuma, Arizona with the funding which will include both commercial and experimental lettuce cultivars, chemical and biological crop protection products, including bio-fumigant crops, cultural practices, management strategies, and laboratory analysis of diseased soil.  

Year 1 field trials (2017) have been completed, and Year 2 (2018) will be conducted Fall 2018.  Click on the link under "More Information" to view the 2017 trial results. 

2017 Fusarium Wilt Trials
2017 Fusarium Wilt Trials