Collection, Production, and Dissemination of Lettuce Disease Research Results

Sep 2016 to Aug 2017

Collaborating Researcher(s)

Dr. Mike Matheron, University of Arizona
Dr. Barry Pryor, University of Arizona

Project Supporter(s)

Arizona Iceberg Lettuce Research Council (AILRC)

The Arizona Iceberg Lettuce Research Council provided funding to YCEDA for the collection, production, and dissemination of lettuce disease research results.  The project includes designing and implementing a series of web pages at dedicated to iceberg lettuce disease. These pages will contain research reports from Arizona trials, informative videos focused on common Arizona lettuce diseases, and links to resources to assist industry efforts at disease control and management. We believe that having actionable research on southwest-specific lettuce diseases in an easily-accessible, central location will be a valuable tool to help the desert Ag industry manage challenging diseases.  Go to the Learn Tab to check out these web pages!