7:00am to 11:30am
6425 W. 8th St Yuma AZ 85634

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 25 and come to the Yuma Ag Center to see AgTech demos and connect with company representatives. You won’t want to miss the University of Arizona's 3rd AgTech Field Demo: Automated & Robotic Technologies!

Field Demo Schedule:

7:00 AM      Registration and Breakfast Burritos

7:30 AM      Welcome and Introductions

7:45 AM      The Mantis Weeder

                      Jared Johnson, Mantis Ag Technology, Gonzales, CA

8:00AM      Camera-based Inter-row and Intra-row Cultivation Solutions – Challenges and Advantages

                      Kim Haug, K.U.L.T.-Kress LLC, New Holland, PA

                      Daniel Riehle, K.U.L.T.-Kress GmbH, Kurnbach, Germany

8:15 AM     Automated Weed Control Using Stout Smart Cultivator

                     Steve Snyder, Stout Industrial Technology, Salinas, CA

                     Sal Espinoza, Stout Industrial Technology, Salinas, CA

8:30 AM    Automated Intra-row Weeding with Titan

                     Paul Elliott, FarmWise, Salinas, CA

8:45 AM    Autonomous Robots for Effective Farming

                     Christian Obed Melendez, Naïo Technologies, Salinas, CA

9:00 AM    Improved Crop and Weed Detection with AI on Thinners

                     Tony Koselka, Vision Robotics, Corp., San Diego, CA

9:15 AM    Application of AI Automation for Weeding and Thinning Operations

                    Cole Brauer, Padma Agrobotics, Phoenix, AZ

9:30 AM    Novel Band-Steam Applicator for Controlling Weeds and Soilborne Pathogens

                     Mark Siemens, Dept. of Biosystems Engineering, University of Arizona

9:45 AM    Laser weeding: The Future of Weed Control

                     Ben Palone, Carbon Robotics, Seattle, WA

10:00 AM  Precision Weed Pulling for Vegetable Crops

                     Hunter Torres, Nexus Robotics, Inc., Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec, Canada

10:15 AM  John Deere Turn Automation

                     Josh Edgar, RDO Equipment Co., Yuma, AZ

10:30 AM  Early Cultivation in Direct Seeded Lettuce

                     Kim Haug, K.U.L.T.-Kress LLC, New Holland, PA

10:45 AM  Automated Pipe Skidder

                      Ryan Herbon, Agmechtronix, Silver City, NM

11:00 AM  Autonomous Bird Laser Deterrent for Effective Abatement of Pest Birds

                      Joseph Traut, Cypress AgriTech, Bakersfield, CA

11:15 AM  Sprinkler Tech: Efficiencies and Herbicide Application

                     Robert Masson, Yuma County Cooperative Extension, University of Arizona

                     Diaa Elshikha, Dept. of Biosystems Engineering, University of Arizona





Mark Siemens