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University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

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Quarter 1

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YCEDA: $10,000


Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus (INSV) is a thrips transmitted virus that threatens the productivity of the Arizona lettuce industry. INSV was first found in Arizona in March 2021, since then the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension has collaborated on industry sponsored projects surveying weeds as INSV hosts across commercial lettuce fields. This project will continue such surveys and collect important data over summer 2022 that will help lettuce growers make INSV management decisions. We will continue and expand weed surveys in and around commercial fields during summer and leading into the produce season. This project is important to understand the role of weeds as secondary hosts of INSV, helping the virus persist during the non-lettuce season, and to identify the most critical hosts of INSV. Results will be widely disseminated to the Arizona lettuce industry to aid in INSV management decisions.