Kelly Keithly

Member President & CEO Keithly-Williams Seed

Kelly Keithly is President and Chief Executive Officer of Keithly-Williams Seeds, the largest seed dealer in North America, which he co-founded in 1981 after identifying a need for Imperial Valley farmers to have ready access to a wide variety of quality seed products. This has served as the basis for an overall company philosophy that still stands today. The company started off with Kelly and two employees. Currently, with nearly 160 employees, Keithly-Williams Seeds operates in 18 Western States and most of Mexico providing local growers with ready access to a huge variety of the most sought after seed products. Kelly graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture Education from the University of Arizona in 1970. He is a strong supporter of education and dedicated leader receiving numerous honors and awards recognizing his contributions both to the industry and the community including Concordia University Irvine’s Faithfulness and Excellence Award (2015), University of Arizona College of Agriculture & Life Sciences’ Professional Achievement Award (2013), University of Arizona’s Alumni Association Distinguished Citizen Award (2000) and Holtville, California’s Citizen of the Year (1989).